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The conference “GEOTHERMAL AND HYDROTERMAL ENERGY FOR HEATING AND COOLING (GEOTERMIA E IDROTERMIA PER IL RISCALDAMENTO E IL RAFFRESCAMENTO)” will be held in Grado (GO, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – North East Italy), at the Auditorium Biagio Marin, on Friday the 20th of May 2016.

The conference has been organized by the Municipality of Grado (Gorizia), the FIT – Trieste International Foundation for the Progress and Freedom of Sciences of Trieste with the cooperation of the Geological Service of the Central Department of Energy and Environment of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, the UGI – Italian Geothermal Union and the University of Trieste.

The purpose of the conference is to present status and perspectives of projects and realizations of district heating and cooling systems, integrating renewable energy sources.

The conference will also officially present the geothermal district heating system of Grado (GO), that was co-financed with European fundings (DOCUP Objective 2 2000-2006 e POR FESR Objective competitiveness and employment 2007-2013) and that was successfully started during 2015-2016 winter season.

The program includes two sessions of oral interventions (morning and afternoon), presented by experts of the sector, and a final Round Table on critical issues, perspectives and actions to promote the diffusion and the development of the geothermal heating and cooling integrated systems.

The event is open to all and it aims to convene national universities and research institutions, public administrations, professionals, operators and student.

The conference will be held in Italian language.

The conference is free, but the on-line pre-registration is required (see the registration form) and it must be completed in the event website, where further information can be found:

Should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee Prof. Bruno Della Vedova (, or the Secretariat (Ms. Aurélie Cimolino,; Ms. Ariella Kranjec

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Convegno Geotermia Grado 2016