Adriatic-Jonian Geothermal Platform

Adriatic-Jonian Geothermal Platform


This website represents the virtual space of the MULTIDISCIPLINARY TECHNICAL PLATFORM that is in the works for a concrete cooperation network of stakeholders focusing on the development of DIRECT USES OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY in the enlarged Peri-Adriatic and Ionian Area.

The purpose is to convene research institutions, public administrations, companies, professionals, operators and students directly involved (or simply interested) in geothermal sciences and make available a space to ease and propel the discussion on status, applications and future opportunities to develop and integrate geothermal direct uses in the broad Adriatic-Ionian area.


We are organizing special sections both for upgrades and latest information (NEWS) than for dissemination of main international and national events: we will need the help of the whole technical community to improve these sections.
At the moment a is already active a Facebook page where some comments, magazines news and events and are freely reported: Cimolino Geothermal Energy.