This website represents the virtual space of the MULTIDISCIPLINARY TECHNICAL PLATFORM that is in the works for a concrete cooperation network of stakeholders focusing on the development of DIRECT USES OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY in the enlarged Peri-Adriatic and Ionian Area.
The purpose is to convene research institutions, public administrations, companies, professionals, operators and students directly involved (or simply interested) in geothermal sciences and make available a space to ease and propel the discussion on status, applications and future opportunities to develop and integrate geothermal direct uses in the broad Adriatic-Ionian area.


Adriatic - Jonian Geothermal platform
Adriatic – Jonian Geothermal platform

Kick-off Workshop

The basis of this platform have been laid during the XIV ECSAC International Workshop on “STATUS AND FUTURE OF THE GEOTHERMAL ENERGY IN THE PERI-ADRIATIC AREA” that took place in Veli Lošinj, Croatia, from Monday the 25th to Wednesday the 27th August, 2014.
The workshop was organized by supported by the Trieste International Foundation for the Progress and Freedom of Sciences (hereinafter FIT International Foundation of Trieste), the European Centre for Science Arts and Culture, the University of Trieste, and the Unione Geotermica Italiana.
Downloadable presentation files (.pdf) are already available below on this site.
Further information about the workshop and several digital contents can be found at the Conference webpage
The final document of the Proceedings of the 2014 Losinj Workshop can be downloaded from the “Media” section of the Lussino Event!

Adriatic - Jonian Geothermal platform

Partners and Stakeholders Network

The kick-off event was funded and supported by a group of relevant national and international institutions (public services, scientific research, cultural, …) and environmental companies that contributed as a whole to the positive workshop outcome.
They represent the technical community of this geothermal platform and are, de facto, a cluster of partners and stakeholders already in connection. This community has multidisciplinary knowledge, technical know-how and expertise from investigation up to project realization and management.
The International Foundation of Trieste (Italy) is the owner of this webpage and is one of the leader of the technical community. This virtual network connects lots of countries, as just an example, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, other than of course Italy.

The list of the contributors and participants follows below:


Marche Polytechnic University – UniAdrion, Ancona; ITALY (Pacetti M.)
SISSA – International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste; ITALY (Martinelli G.)
University of Brescia; ITALY (Masella A.)
University of Chieti; ITALY (Palmucci W.)
University of King Saud; SAUDI ARABIA (Lashin A., Al – Arifi N.)
University of Padova; ITALY (Stival C.A.)
University of Pisa; ITALY (Grassi W., Petrini R., Conti P.)
University of Subotica; SERBIA (Ðjurić N.)
University of Trieste; ITALY (Fermeglia M., Della Vedova B., Valcovich E., Lughi V., Pipan M., Del Ben A., Castelli E., Cimolino A., Brancatelli G., Berto R., Cechet G.)
University of Udine; ITALY (Nardin G.; Pinamonti P.)
University of Zagreb; CROATIA (Kurevija T., Pallua S.)
Several students from the Universities of Trieste, Chieti (ITALY), Ljubljana (SLOVENIA) and from the Technical Institute of Bijeljina (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA).

Research and Culture Institutions

Area Science Park, Trieste; ITALY (Floreani M., Cozzi G., Taylor S., Guaiana M.)
Consortium for Physics of Trieste; ITALY (Ghirardi G.)
CRES – Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Pikermi; GREECE (Mendrinos D., Karytsas C.)
ECSAC – European Centre for Science Arts and Culture, Trieste; ITALY (Bradamante F.)
FIT – Fondazione Internazionale Trieste per il Progresso e la Libertà delle Scienze; ITALY (Vacchi A., Fratnik F., Cimolino A.)
GZB – Internationalen Geothermiezentrum, Bochum; GERMANY (Wittig V.)
ICTP – Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Trieste; ITALY (Quevedo F., Treleani D.)
IGO – International Geothermal Office of Germany, c/o GZB, Bochum; GERMANY (Buescher E.)
INFN – National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Trieste; ITALY (Vacchi A.)
INGV – National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology; ITALY (Italiano F.)
OGS – National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste; ITALY (Poletto F., Busetti M., Camerlenghi A., Giorgi M., Farina B., Corubolo P., Petronio L. Schleifer A., Palmieri F., Peronio M.)

Public Administrations and Associations

Abruzzo Region (Flacco I., De Blasis R.)
AIRU – Associazione Italiana Riscaldamento Urbano, Milano; ITALY (Ferraresi F., Buscaroli F.)
CNG – National Geology Council; ITALY (G. Graziano)
EGEC European Geothermal Energy Council, Brussels; BELGIUM (Dumas P., Angelino L.)
ENEL Green Power; ITALY (Bertani R.)
Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar; CROATIA (Živković S.)
Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; ITALY (Vito S., Stefanelli S.)
Geological Survey of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo; BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (Skopljak F.)
Geological Survey of Slovenia, Ljubljana; SLOVENIA (Prestor J., Rajver D., Pestotnik S.)
IRENA – Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd., Labin; CROATIA (Jovanović D.)
Italian Institute of Culture of Zagreb; CROATIA (Zovko N.)
Ruđer Bošković Institute of Zagreb; CROATIA (Zovko N.)
Trieste Municipality; ITALY (Laureni U.)
Trieste Province; ITALY (Bassa Poropat M., Magistri De Francesco M., Stolfo P.)
UGI – Unione Geotermica Italiana; ITALY (Della Vedova B., Cataldi R., Grassi W., Conti P.)
Veneto Region; ITALY (Tosoni D.)


ITALY: Cogeme SpA, Rovato (Tarantino P.); Hera Group, Bologna (Buscaroli F., Ferraresi F.); Steam Srl, Padova (Romano G., Strada M., Manganaro A.); STP Srl, Torino (Pellegrini G., Valle F.); Studio Associato di Ingegneria, Milano (Piemonte C.; Masella A.); Studio Idrogeologico Geoeco, Udine (Droli G.); Turboden Srl, Brescia (Menin C., Di Prima M., Bonafin J.); Zudek s.r.l., Trieste (Zudek A., Aloisio F.)
SLOVENIA: Gejzir Consulting, EON Research Centre, Ljubljana (Kralj P.); Harpha Sea d.o.o., Koper (Žerjal A., Cinc Gregoric P.)
FRANCE: GPC Instrumentation Process, Paris (Ungemach P., Antics M.)
CZECH REPUBLIC: MND Group (Kachyňa R., Cociancig B.)
CROATIA: Petroprom d.o.o., Premantura (Cociancig B.)

Some Freelance Geologists (Klingendrath A., Molinari F.C.) are already in connection within the ADR.JO. Geothermal platform.

Here you can download the Lussino 2014 conference speaker’s Face’s Book (files .pdf).

Linked Projects and sites

This section will list reference and existing projects and interesting sites, having in common themes (geothermal and renewable energies) or geographic area of application.
Here below just a first list of some projects and sites (listed in a simply alphabetic order) that will be increased progressively.

ALTERENERGY (Energy sustainability for Adriatic small communities):
GANDOR – Setting up and extending the geothermal network in the Danube region
Geothermal ERA-NET:
LoCaRe- Low Carbon Economy Regions:
NxtHPG – Next Generation of Heat Pumps working with Natural fluids:
RENREN – The Renewable ENergy Regions Network:
RETS – Renewable Energies Transfer System:

Adriatic - Jonian Geothermal platform